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Welcome to Achieve Martial Arts...the home of JEFF SPEAKMAN'S KENPO 5.0 MACARTHUR. If you are new to our school, we would love meet you very soon and offer you a free trial lesson for your entire family! Whether it's Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts for the kids, teenagers/adults or the awesome Bodyfit workout...It's here! All you have to do is call us or come in and meet us...You are truly welcome at our world class training centre... NEWS! Try our BODYFIT workout! Places are limited. See our tab on the left for information! FREE trials all next week! THE ORIGINAL 'AFTER SCHOOL STUDENT PICK UP PROGRAM'.... Check out the link to the left and enrol your child in the most innovative AFTER SCHOOL activity available in Macarthur …limited places are still available for term 1, 2016!

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We have classes available 6 days a week!

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Kids, Teens and Adults can learn real self defence at our school in the form of our Jeff Speakmans' Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts programs. We offer great family member discounts!

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area. This site is designed to give you information about our facility, our style of martial arts, our staff and provide you with information on how to contact us as well.

What is Kenpo?

KenpoKenpo is a style of Karate developed in the west. The word Kenpo translates to mean "Law of the Fist."

Our Kenpo 5.0 programs are unlike any other and are structured and taught in such a way that students will learn the most effective physical and mental self defence skills available. This is done in an environment that promotes fun, respect, discipline, courtesy, goal setting, friendship and achievement.

Kenpo is a martial art that teaches self-defense and self-control through three primary methods: self-defense techniques, forms, and sparring. However, Kenpo diverges from traditional Karate in several important respects. Students are encouraged to change and adapt the techniques. Kenpo emphasizes vital point attacks using punches, strikes and kicks.

Our adults program is a cutting edge, no nonsense martial science. It is not designed so all the family can train together in one class or to get fit. This is real life, get the job done and go home to your family self defence!

Kenpo Self-defense techniques help Kenpo students develop their skills by allowing them to practice with different threatening situations and experiment with what-if scenarios. Initially, forms and katas help students to develop mental concentration and mental discipline. As they progress, the forms and katas help them to develop self-awareness and self-expression. Kumite (also known as freestyle or sparring) is an exercise in which students test their skills, self-confidence, and self-control in a friendly competition among other classmates. It gives students the opportunity to develop their reflexes and timing in a controlled environment while engaging in a sport activity.

Kenpo also teaches students how to use weapons to increase their understanding of self-defense. In Kenpo, defense against knives and clubs are taught from the yellow belt and up.

The Kenpo style strives to maintain a balance between "martial" and "art." The "martial" aspect is expressed by effective efficient self-defense concepts and techniques. The "art" is expressed by creativity, self-expression, and presentation of form.